The Importance of Finding the Right Forex Broker and MetaTrader Platform

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The Forex Broker MetaTrader Platform

The Forex market is unique because it involves the trading of global currencies. There is a huge amount of information available for the Forex market at any given time, such as currency pair prices and broker spreads. The MetaTrader platform has become the standard trading platform for Forex trading by providing a reliable hub to access this important information.  
The MetaTrader application continues to be the most popular online trading platform in the world. MetaTrader has remained an industry-leading trading platform because it offers the ultimate in power and customization while also being easy enough for even novice traders to use it effectively. The application provides access to comprehensive charting abilities, one-click trades, and the ability to trade multiple asset classes from the same screen. MetaTrader also supports the creation of Expert Advisors (EA), which allow for the automation of trading activities.
Despite the huge amounts of market data that are constantly changing, MetaTrader makes it possible to collect this data, analyse it efficiently, and act on it quickly, which is essential for successful trading on the Forex market.

Finding a Forex Broker

Investors are not able to simply download the MetaTrader application and begin trading on the Forex market. The application is available online but investors require the services of a Forex broker in order to gain access to the Forex market. The market is full of buyers and sellers of currencies; the broker is responsible for matching buyers with appropriate sellers for each transaction and completing the transaction through the Forex market. There is a spread associated with each currency pair, and this is what the broker is paid for completing the transaction.
Many Forex brokers offer enhanced and customized versions of the MetaTrader platform for clients. These updated applications typically provide access to broker specific information such as bidding/asking prices and spreads. They may also include some additional options and functionality. Some examples of the additional functionality include the following:
  • The ability to execute trades directly from a chart
  • An improved user interface
  • The availability of economic calendars
  • An enhanced trading history dashboard
  • The ability to execute a one-click partial close
Investors should take the time to find a FCA-regulated Forex broker that offers the right combination of products and services to meet their trading needs. This includes ensuring that the broker offers excellent customer service, competitively low spreads, and the ability to take advantage of demo accounts to see if the broker’s version of the MetaTrader platform works to effectively enhance the trading experience.

The Go Markets Advantage

Go Markets is a London-based foreign exchange broker with a proud history of excellent customer service. They offer a full range of Forex trading services to clients in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. The trading services are designed to improve the overall trading experience for both new and experienced Forex traders.
Go Markets provides no-obligation demo accounts which mirror the live trading environment and allow clients to effectively test their products. If you are interested in the exciting investment opportunities that are available in the Forex market, ensure the best trading experience with the right Forex broker and MetaTrader platform for your unique trading needs.


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